Monday, November 8, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons

The past week was a very busy one for me.  With the holidays coming up, I worry that it is a sign of things to come, but I'm hoping this week will be a little better.  And it is off to a nice beginning.  I loved being able to stay home this afternoon and paint.  :)

Cadmium Yellow Light is the only yellow on my palette these days.  Today's goal was to experiment with its values.  I think they may be a tad off, but as to not overwork this simple painting, I called it quits.  Now, I'm off to paint a little more.  Luxury, pure luxury!  ;)  


Page Railsback said...

Hi Darla..I LOVE what you are doing these days! LOVE the interpretation of the Marshfiled barn..really excellent.and palette are really working it...all good

Darla McDowell said...

Thanks, Page! I have been loving your blog. I really enjoy reading about your wonderful painting adventures and seeing your BEAUTIFUL work. You keep me feeling inspired! :)