Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Under the German Sun

This is my entry for this week's Daily Paintworks challenge.  The challenge was to paint a landscape using one of the two photographs posted by Carol Marine.  She took both while traveling in Germany, and they're beautiful.  I would like to try painting the other one tomorrow.

I received my light box in the mail today.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with it.  We've had such windy weather as of late, and it makes photographing oils outside almost impossible.  Hopefully, the light box will help.  Cross your fingers for me!

I hope your week is off to a pleasant beginning!


Linda Nickles said...

These wonderful, bright colors just jumped off the screen when I saw it in your avatar first thing this morning. Such a happy painting!

Karen d'Angeac Mihm said...

What beautiful colors you used Darla! I love it!

Darla McDowell said...

Thank you, Linda and Karen! I used a red underpainting, and I think the bright colors are a reflection of that. It was a happy accident, lol. Thanks again for your kind comments! :)