Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pear at Dusk

While grocery shopping this week, I was so tickled to find a leaf still attached to this little pear. I wanted to do a happy dance right there in the produce section. I think I'm spending too much time with fruit.

Have a great evening!


Kari said...

Funny funny lady. It is exciting when we find just that one special fruit or vegetable. Yeah, I probably spend too much time with produce, too.


Darla McDowell said...

You too, Kari? There must be a bunch of us then! Hang in there, sweet girl! <3

Azra said...

I so glad I'm not the only one. Lol.
The pear with its little leaf is stunning, as always! : )

Wendy Barrett said...

Very nice work Darla! I laughed at the thought of your excitement in the grocery store! It's good to be passionate about things!

Darla McDowell said...

Thank you, Azra and Wendy! :)