Saturday, February 18, 2017

Still Life with Peeled Clementine

After a week of feeling under the weather, it was fun to be back at my easel! 

The color orange has always been tricky for me to paint. I'm slowly learning that saturation is the key for the darker value areas. Or at least, it seems to be the key with citrus. Do you have a color that is an issue for you, too?

I hope you are staying WELL and enjoying these last few weeks of winter. Winter is my favorite season, so I am trying to savor each day.

Happy painting!


hmuxo said...

This clementine looks SO realistic! The color as well as the texture is amazing.!!!! I hope you're feeling better!!! On March 10th I'm having surgery on my shoulder. Unfortunately, I have a full tear so I'm trying so hard to finish a portrait because since it's my right shoulder I won't be painting for at least 6 months.... Sigh!!!!! I look forward to seeing your next painting...again, this is wonderful!!!!

Word Weaver Art said...

This is beautiful! My mouth physically watered for a taste!
And, yes, yellows! I can never seem to get it right the first time with yellows. What I want to be the cool yellows are the warm ones, and the yellows I want to be warm are the cool ones. I also struggle with adding the shaded areas of yellows. I know purple is the complement, but it just feels wrong to add it.